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We specialize in the development of mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and Apple Watch. We build the right smartphone and tablets applications for your needs and your users' needs!


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What We Do?

We specialize in the development of mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android and Apple Watch

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Our applications are easy to use for all users

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We create modern mobile applications using the latest technology

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We build applications for your phone and/or tablet

Our Portfolio

We build applications for clients and directly for our users

project 1

Casita - iPhone & iPad app for landlords and investors

ClientOwn portfolio
DateMay 2017 & November 2017
SkillsiOS, Android, Objective-C, Java, Xcode, Android Studio

The premier application for income properties, revenue and expense management for landlords and real estate investors.

Download app here Download app here
project 2

Travel Infos - iPhone & iPad app for traveling abroad

ClientOwn portfolio
DateOctobre 2014
SkillsiOS, Objective-C, Xcode, Open Data

Travel Infos gives you the official and up-to-date information and advice from the Government of Canada on situations that may affect your safety and well-being abroad, as well as other important travel issues such as security, local laws and culture, natural disasters, climate, entry and exit requirements and health.

Travel Infos also provides a list of Canadian Embassies, High Consulates and Consultes that you can contact in case of emergencies. Get direct access via phone, email, Facebook and Twitter. Obtain navigation directions to reach one of those diplomatic offices.

project 3

GEDS - iPhone app for contact information on Canada’s federal public servants.

ClientOwn portfolio
DateAugust 2014
SkillsiOS, Objective-C, Xcode, Open Data

Built upon the open data published by the Canadian Government, GEDS allows you to search by first name, last name, phone number, email address, job title and department/organization. GEDS also allows you to quickly find a minister, deputy minister, senator or member of parliament. You can directly contact any public servant by phone or email directly from the app. GEDS allows you to save your favorite contacts as well as merge them with your list of contacts on your device.

project 4

Québec Events - iPhone app for entertainment and tourism in Quebec

ClientOwn portfolio
DateApril 2014
SkillsiOS, Objective-C, Xcode, Open Data

Québec Events is the best application for all that is entertainment in the province of Quebec. Celebrations, festivals, sport events, big expositions, forums, bazaars: it's all there!

project 5

Quick Border - iPhone app to minimize your wait times at land borders and plan your itinerary accordingly

ClientOwn portfolio
DateApril 2014
SkillsiOS, Objective-C, Xcode, Open Data

With Quick Border, say "goodbye" to long wait times and properly organize your travel schedule based on the least busy periods and the land borders that are the least busy.

Download app here
project 6

DG Mobile - iPhone app for entertainment and tourism in Gatineau

ClientOwn portfolio
DateMarch 2014
SkillsiOS, Objective-C, Xcode, Open Data

With DG Mobile, you can view a list of sport events, festivals, shows as well as art exhibitions that are currently happening or will happen in Gatineau. DG Mobile also lists an extensive set of tourist attractions for the city.

project 7

Voomie! - Android app - Wake your device to a moment of life

ClientFree Toast
DateApril 2015
SkillsAndroid, Java, Android Studio

An Android app that enables users to awaken their smartphones with 2 seconds of any video clip selected from the phone’s photo library

project 8

Beacon - Flirt, Chat, & Date with Singles Around You

DateSeptember 2014
SkillsiOS, Objective-C, Xcode

Get ready for the new dating app on the block. MILLIONS of members to choose from. Beacon's easy to use live radar connects you with quality singles near you. Match.com has one of the largest communities of singles in Canada. And it's safe - they never disclose your exact location.

project 9

TEDxGatineau - iPhone & iPad app for a recap of the event

DateMay 2014
SkillsiOS, Objective-C, Xcode

View all videos of the conference. View all photos taken by organizers. Get to know the speakers. Reach out to them via email or social media. Share photos and videos via social media, email or SMS

project 10

MacQuebec - MQ Mobile iPhone & iPad app

DateDecember 2013
SkillsiOS, Objective-C, Xcode

MacQuébec is a web site and community of users, in the province of Quebec, dedicated to everything that is Apple.

project 11

Martin Simard - Real estate iPhone & iPad app

ClientMartin Simard
DateSeptember 2012
SkillsiOS, Objective-C, Xcode

Mobile application for the business of a real estate realtor

project 12

ESPN Sportscentre - Android app (contractor for MartianCraft)

DateNovember 2013
SkillsAndroid, Java, Eclipse

Mobile application for reporting sports results by ESPN Sportscentre

project 12

Nelinelo - Android app

DateMarch 2016
SkillsAndroid, Java, Android Studio

Classifieds management application. Give some new life, a new love.

project 12

Ubifood - iOS & App Android

DateFebruary 2016
SkillsiOS, Objective-C, Swift, Xcode, Android, Java, Android Studio, Parse

Food products deals application

project 14

Orthograf - iOS (iMessage stickers)

ClientOwn portfolio
DateSeptember 2016
SkillsiOS, Xcode, iMessage stickers

Stickers for iMessage: correct French grammar in text messages

project 15

Winnie - Android app

DateSummer/Fall 2018
SkillsAndroid, Java, Android Studio

Companion app for parents

Download app here
project 16

Baby's Day by Winnie - iOS app

DateFall 2016
SkillsiOS, Objective-C, Xcode

Essential companion app for the breastfeeding or pumping mother

Download app here
project 18

Cuisine - iOS & Android app for family dinner planning and preparation

ClientOwn portfolio
DateApril 2021 (iOS), October 2021 (Android)
SkillsiOS, Android, Swift, Kotlin, Xcode, Android Studio

The ultimate iOS and Android app for family dinner planification and preparation. Food inventory, grocery list, local rebates, allergies and intolerances information and recipes

Download app here Download app here
  • Cuisine


    Family dinner preparation & planification. Food inventory, grocery list, recipes and local rebates

  • Casita


    Income properties revenues and expenses managed efficiently

  • Quick Border

    Quick Border

    Minimize your wait times at Canada-USA land borders

  • GEDS


    View and search contact information on all of Canada’s federal public servants

  • Orthograf


    Stickers for iMessage: correct French grammar in text messages

  • Travel Infos

    Travel Infos

    Generic information, security and advisory warnings for traveling abroad

  • Québec Events

    Québec Events

    For entertainment & tourism in the province of Quebec

  • DG Mobile

    DG Mobile

    For entertainment & tourism in the city of Gatineau

  • Martin Simard

    Martin Simard

    Development of a universal iPod touch, iPhone & iPad application

  • Winnie


    Companion app for parents. Winnie is the app that gives parents superpowers!

  • Baby's Day by Winnie

    Baby's Day by Winnie

    Essential companion app for the breastfeeding or pumping mother

  • Ubifood


    Food products deals application - Save & Savor Local Flavors

  • Nelinelo


    Classifieds management application. Give some new life, a new love

  • TEDxGatineau


    Development of a universal iPod touch, iPhone & iPad application

  • MartianCraft (for ESPN)

    ESPN (for Martiancraft)

    Assist in the completion of a new version of ESPN’s SportsCenter app

  • Match.com


    Assist in the development of their new mobile application called Beacon

  • Voomie!


    Creation of the new Voomie! app, for your video moments of life

  • MacQuébec


    Development of a universal iPod touch, iPhone & iPad application

Who Am I?

Pirocso is a sole-proprietorship business with deep contacts within the mobile and web development community

team 1

Pierre Rochon

Owner / Senior mobile developer: iOS and Android

Mobile intelligence at your fingertips

About Me

In January 2011, Pierre founded Pirocso, a sole-propriertorship mobile software development business. Pierre has 4 years of experience developing iOS and Android applications, most notably working on mobile applications for ESPN SportsCentre, Match.com and MQ Mobile (MacQuebec). He has also published a number of applications using open data from various levels of governments.

Pierre shows a lot of passion about mobile applications. On top of being an excellent mobile software developer, Pierre contributes as writer on various blogs such as MacQuébec, GeeksAndCom as well as La Presse+, and tweets daily about mobile technology.


  • iOS development

  • Android development

  • Requirements analysis

  • Customer support

Client Feedback

We always ensure our clients and their users are satisfied with our work. Otherwise, it means we still have work to do...
Here's what some of our clients had to say:

"Pierre a su répondre à nos besoins pour le développement de la nouvelle application mobile de MacQuébec. Il a fait preuve d’efficacité et de respect des échéances dans un travail qui demandait la collaboration de différentes personnes de notre équipe. Je vous le recommande pour vos projets."

client 1 Kim Auclair President, MacQuébec

"J'ai été approché par Pirocso pour le développement d'une application mobile pour iPhone et iPad qui permettrait à tous mes clients et toute personne désirant se procurer une propriété de visualiser toutes mes inscriptions immobilières. Pirocso a toujours été à l'écoute des nos exigences et de nos attentes envers cette application. Le résultat est une application qui est allée au-delà de mes attentes. Je recommande Pirocso pour tout développement d'applications mobiles."

client 2 Martin Simard Real Estate Broker

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